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    I have Windows Server 2003 [R2] in VMWare Player with 1GB of RAM (it was recommended at 384MB) and it boots and shuts down pretty fast. It does not have VMWare Tools installed [s:1szvv9cr]so I will try to remove it from Windows Server 2008 R2 (at 1280MB of RAM) and see what that results in.[/s:1szvv9cr] Ubuntu 9.04 is also kind of slow.

    EDIT: It still seems slow to me..

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    [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1087:2josjbmj]This topic[/localurl:2josjbmj] was starting to get too much off-topic and into more of an argument rather then a discussion so I closed it. I figured that it would only get into more of an argument / flame war each day. If you wanted, you could add your own reply about who is “right” if you feel that it is needed to help end their discussion.

    JingoFresh reported the topic twice:

    Report #1: [localurl=mcp.php?i=reports&start=0&mode=report_details&f=21&r=18:2josjbmj]Here[/localurl:2josjbmj]*

    Report #2: [localurl=mcp.php?i=reports&start=0&mode=report_details&f=21&r=19:2josjbmj]Here[/localurl:2josjbmj]**

    *I posted a [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1087&p=5532#p5532:2josjbmj]short note[/localurl:2josjbmj] in the topic.
    **I have not closed report #2, I figured it would be better for you to respond to that personally.

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    Okay, this is getting way off-topic and every post is just you guys arguing back and forth so I’m closing this topic as the original topic was: Why do people use R1 instead of 7 – I don’t see how this discussion is related.


    in reply to: Keeping technical discussions technical #50076

    It seems that we have several rules that roughly cover this issue but I would be happy to add another rule clarifying this if it seems necessary.

    As for the Win2008Workstation Expert ranks, you would have to ask Arris what should be done about those. He said that he gives them if:

    @Rules Topic wrote:

    These users are people that have good knowledge about the internals of the Windows Operating System and are helping a lot of people in the Win2008[R2]Workstation Community.

    but I am not sure if he has revised them since he gave them out to certain users. I would wait for Arris on this part and he can review who has the rank and see if they still deserve it. As far as I know, they do not have access to the Staff Forum or any other extras besides having the word “Win2008workstation Expert” under their names as moderation and other permissions are managed via Groups. For example, I don’t have a “Moderator” rank under my name, but I am indeed a moderator. This is because I am in the [localurl=memberlist.php?mode=group&g=4:2ahf3j7u]Global Moderator[/localurl:2ahf3j7u] group which gives me access to the Mod CP (where reports, bans, etc are dealt with), Quick-Mod Tools and other Moderator-related things in all forums. On other sites they may have more than one group for different levels of moderators like “Moderators” (per-forum basis), and “Super Moderators” (between Global Moderator and Administrator). It also depends on the forum software. On Invision Power Board and maybe vBulletin, you can let certain moderators have limited access to the Admin CP to edit signatures/etc or it may have that feature built into the Mod CP – it varies by forum software and how the admins wish to run their board.

    I do understand that this may be an issue because someone may take an “Experts” advice and it could turn out to be completely wrong (especially if like you said, is not backed up). It’s more of a “Karma” (Reputation) thing you see at other forums (as far as I know).

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    Mine is in VMWare Player and I have seen that it is a bit slow on startup, not sure about shut down. If we can find a way to fix this, it would be better.

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    I’m starting to believe that this discussion is starting to go a bit too off-topic and it is getting into more of an argument so I would like to ask you to finish your argument and if you need to continue discussing this topic (not arguing) then you may do so in the [localurl=viewforum.php?f=3:23hch6si]Open Topic[/localurl:23hch6si] forum where anyone who wants to continue this discussion may join you. This would allow people who wish to continue this discussion to discuss it over there and people who are tired of having this discussion can leave the discussion.


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    It seems to depend on your screen resolution. With my VM at 800 x 600, I had 3 IE windows, one with 3 tabs and the other 2 with one each and it only showed the open tab in each. (3 previews)

    At 1366×768 and one window + 8 tabs open, it showed me 4 thumbnails. I’m not sure how this works for other screen resolutions, but this is what it looked like for me: http://i33.tinypic.com/33mllae.png

    Hope that answers some of your questions.

    Apparently they changed it in AVG 9.0 or something like that though.

    @JonusC wrote:

    But umm…. did any og you guys notice the String entry “ProductType” = “ServerNT” ? Looking at Win7, it has “WinNT” instead of ServerNT. I tried changing it to WinNT, but something changes it back to ServerNT. Can’t nail why it happens with Process Monitor, System just does it straight away.

    Take a look at the AVG on Server 2008 Comment for some information on the ProductType = ServerNT stuff.


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    Could you also post your system specs please? And what features & roles do you have installed?

    in reply to: Bugs in Windows 7 – have you had them in 2008 R2? #50068

    I have not seen any of the system tray / notification issues you mentioned in my Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition, which is in a VM.

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    @JingoFresh wrote:

    Just like it was always assumed that Vista was complete trash. (what is the policy of swearing on this board?)

    Try to avoid it. The [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=21&t=969:33k45phx]rule[/localurl:33k45phx] is:

    4) Try to refrain from using swear words. Try and find another way to put it.

    So in your case you could have said trash (as an example).

    in reply to: People using R1 instead of 7 – Why? #49992

    I don’t really mind your little discussion as long as it does not turn into flaming or if it goes way off topic then I might ask you to get back on topic. 🙂

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    @JonusC wrote:

    Well I just got notified of that reply and it wasn’t https 😯

    @The E-Mail notification I just received wrote:

    Hello JonusC,

    You are receiving…

    …so either it was a one off thing, or Arris silently fixed it up 🙂

    The one I got was non-SSL too:

    Hello xxcom9a,

    You are receiving this notification … no more notifications will be sent until you visit
    the topic.

    If you want to view the newest post made since your last visit, click the
    following link:

    If you want to view the topic, click the following link:

    If you want to view the forum, click the following link:

    If you no longer wish to watch this topic you can either click the
    “Unsubscribe topic” link found at the bottom of the topic above, or by
    clicking the following link:


    Thanks, The Management

    Arris does a lot silently, sometimes I see that he hasn’t logged in for a week but magically spammers got banned during that time. 😉

    in reply to: I’m baaaaaaack….. =D #50058

    The srv010082.webreus.nl you see in that dialogue box is Arris’ host which is where the certificate is issued to. For me I just added exceptions for https://win2008workstation.com/ (R2 one is optional) and I don’t see that message anymore, but I do know what you mean when users who do not have that much knowledge see that message they may start freaking out.

    If you reply to this, I can see what URL it sends me, probably the HTTPS one. Arris will probably look at this soon and fix it though.

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