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    Hey Arris!

    Haven’t talked to you since before the summer. I was just wondering if you’ve ever found a working rep/karma mod for the forums yet; I noticed that there’s a “Kudos Toplist” except it says it’s disabled so I’m not sure how much progress you’ve made with it.


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    Okay, I’ll do that from now on. 🙂 So if it’s one of the really spammy posts I delete it or just delete any spam posts + ban?

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    @Arris wrote:

    hey! 🙂

    Long time no see! Sorry you haven’t heard from me in ages! It’s good to see you are managing the forum so it is kept clean from spammers, illegal posts and flaming/negative posts. 🙂

    How do you think everything is going? Looks like last few weeks the spammers are more active again with their crappy dvd-conversion application… 😕

    See you around!

    — Arris

    ps. Do you have a Paypal account? I’d like to show my gratitude by donating a small fee for all hard work you have done/are doing for the win2008[r2]workstation community! :geek:

    I’ve been a bit busy lately so I haven’t had too much time to reply to every post made but I do try to read them all and clean out the spammers. The spammers seem to like this forum a lot 😉

    I also haven’t updated the tables in a while – I stopped here back in February. I’ll try and get those a bit more up to date if I get enough time to spend copying and pasting 😉

    I don’t have a Paypal account, it’s okay though, I just visit/clean these forums whenever I have a few minutes.

    This looks interesting. I think someone requested this to be done a while ago but no one really stepped up to do it, good job! 🙂

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    First of all, welcome to the forums! I hope you’ll be able to learn and teach others some things.

    I think the creation of topics in the Wishlist forum(s) is limited to moderator+, but I’m not exactly too sure. Usually your forum permissions are displayed in the bottom-right corner of the forum you are viewing so that should say whether or not you can post there. For me, as I am a moderator, it shows:

    You can post new topics in this forum
    You can reply to topics in this forum
    You can edit your posts in this forum
    You can delete your posts in this forum
    You can post attachments in this forum

    but for you it might show cannot instead. If I had to take a guess why this is, I’d have to say it would be to prevent spam in those forums.

    Anyways, welcome to the forums once again and I hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂


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    Once again, Microsoft can never get their facts straight when I ask them a question. 😉

    @Xxcom9a wrote:

    Dear Microsoft,

    1) Can you install WES on a laptop, in a dual-boot configuration?

    2) Can you install WES in Microsoft Virtual PC?

    @Microsoft wrote:

    Windows Embedded Standard is a suite of tools sold to OEMs that allow them to build custom versions of the operating system for their devices. It is for use with a single-purpose device (like an ATM machine or a Kiosk) – in other words it cannot be installed and used as a multi-purpose PC.

    I had asked them this before because Windows Embedded Standard caught my eye. I wasn’t going to download it if I couldn’t use it in VMWare or anything, but if you say it works, then I’m definetely going to try it! 🙂

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    @Arris wrote:

    I still think the members […] What do you think?

    Sounds good with the Reputation thing because then users can say what they think of a member. Searching Google I managed to find this mod if you want to look into it.

    Happy Holidays!

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    Welcome to the site/forums! I’m glad you found this site useful and I hope you enjoy using Windows Server as your desktop operating system! 🙂

    I hope you will be an active and helpful user, and you might even learn somethings from other users on the forums.

    See you around!

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    @Indrek wrote:

    Very cool. Have you confirmed that it’s actually working? Ie. scans the computer, detects malware and successfully updates? And most importantly, that no night elves empty your fridge at night? Wouldn’t want that to happen during the holidays 😛

    Well from the screenshot it says 77300 items scanned and definitions are up-to-date so I would assume it works. You could try the EICAR Test Virus File to check and make sure the virus protection actually works.

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    Same here, but I still have that message saying “It could take a few hours to calculate results.” or whatever.

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    I’m no expert, but I think this line is preventing the install on a Server OS:

    Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"

    Perhaps you could change that to “$SERVER NT$” instead of “$WINDOWS NT$”, but I do not know if that will help.

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    @eXmband wrote:

    Does Panda Cloud Antivirus work under 2k8 R2? I’m thinking about migrating from 7 to server, but Panda is a must for me.

    I will check this out for you 🙂

    As for the other posts, I’ll update the list when I have a few minutes.

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    @Arris wrote:

    We also might review the ranks as that was also a reason of discussion.

    It looks like our To-Do list is getting bigger! 🙂
    Legend: DoneIn ProgressHaven’t Started

    • Review who has “Win2008Workstation Expert” Rank (and who should be given one?)
    • Clean out users from the database who have 0 posts and have not logged in (registered?) since before December 2008 I think you said.
    • Create video tutorials and a “trailer” for Windows Server 2008 [R2] Workstation. – (I’m slowly starting.. ;))
    • Create a “(Forum) Moderator” rank. – this is up to you, I’ve just noticed that there are “Site Admin” and “Win2008Workstation Expert” ranks to help distinguish users in those groups, but none for moderators besides the green username. 😉

    Regarding the “debates” that seem to keep coming up, are we keeping those in the Open Topic forum or did you want to make a forum (sub-forum in Open Topic?) for Debates?

    Maybe it’s possible to integrate it with an question-solved system like they have on sites like http://www.experts-exchange.com (hall of fame)

    The simplest way I can think of is to have a Forum that is an “Archive” of solved topics (like the Trashcan, but public). Once a question is answered, we move it to the Archive forum (and lock the topic?) I think the best spot for the Archive forum would either be in the list with “Introduction”, “Feedback”, “In the News”, “Open Topic” and place Archives under it, or make sub-forums in each of the Operating System categories.

    @Arris wrote:

    In February my final Bachelor internship (or however you call it in English :P)

    I think it is called a “Bachelor’s Degree” but I don’t know if those are the same thing. 😉

    If you have questions/need anything, don’t hesitate for even a quarter of a second to contact me directly at MSN: [email protected] (almost always signed-in) or personal e-mail: [email protected] (response within days). 😉

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind if I need anything faster than the forums 🙂

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    @RemixedCat wrote:

    My case was isolated and unique to me ok. […]

    It’s preferred if you don’t use extremely bright colours as it is hard to read unless you highlight it.

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    Two posts from [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=2&t=11:14jrp0wn]this topic[/localurl:14jrp0wn] (page 2) were posted by bots. The first one still had links (it is in fact KeywordSpy.com so if you wanted to add that to the censor so the links come out http://www.**********.com/ instead, the site that these bots link to is confirmed.) The first post seemed to be there for a while (May 29th! :o) and the second post was copied and I suspected that they would add links to it. I [IP] banned both users.

    Google shows that other websites (such as this) aren’t as aware that these posts are coming up, or they just don’t bother to clean them up.

    The IP range that all the users I’ve banned are along the lines of 59.93.x.x

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