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  • in reply to: WINDOWS SERVER 2008 R2 SP1 WORKSTATION – JUNE 2011 EDITION #50729

    thanks guys! i had to get a different nic to run server on my rampage x79 box. so glad i did. love it!

    running super on dual socket xeon board. thanks for this! only tweak besides turning off scheduled defrag, for an ssd array, was for auto logon w/o password

    in reply to: R2 CONVERTER GUI – v2.1 – 14/08/11 #51579

    thanks to all involved. i can’t wait to try it on my re install next week. well done!

    in reply to: Ati catalyst 10.7 #51118

    my comp monitor is hdmi/1080, but no option like the plasma. i didn’t try the ati w/plasma after my initial disappointment w/the ati/computer hdmi monitor, assuming it would have a similar result (i just now tried my nvidia card on the plasma, and noticed some sort of refresh issue, so it’s a no go anyway, atm (plasma as monitor).

    in reply to: Change Preview Window Size of Aero Peek #51213

    hey, that’s neat 😉 thanks

    in reply to: Ati catalyst 10.7 #51116

    weird, because that didn’t work for me…i had to sell the 5850, go back to nvidia to get 1920×1080 going, as the ccc would never allow changing over/under scan/any adjustments within ccc. hey, did it work? i could get the drivers going without issue, but not the ccc to fully work

    i can back up/burn everything except vob and the like using the built in winders burner. don’t know why you can’t burn pics and mpeg, etc? how can you not have admin rights in server?

    in reply to: ATI CCC/driver=no overscan options for 1080 monitor #50323

    fixed: got rid of the ati and installed an nvidia gtx 260. once the nvidia drivers are installed, no underscan/overscan issues! heck, even when the drivers are beginning to install, the heading says “installing server 2008 x64 drivers”. can’t get any better than that. now i’m a happy ’08 r2 user once again. really po’ed that ati can’t bust a move and have auto screen sizing in server using 5 series cards. looks like its nvidia gpus for me going forward 😉

    in reply to: ATI Catalyst Control Center cannot start #46962

    it’s not a solution, as you can see from the last post in that thread 🙁 plus, i don’t have those reg entries. bummer.

    in reply to: ATI CCC/driver=no overscan options for 1080 monitor #50322

    i can’t even get the ccc to run…how did you? i wouldn’t mind it grayed out, as long as the slider was all the way to the right…well dang 🙁

    in reply to: SSD Drives and Server 2008 R2 #50237

    i run a raid array of ssds. make sure your drives FW is the latest (your agility will utilize trim and GC just as it would under win7). the server workstation environment is ideal for ssds (benches show a marked improvement, compared to win7).

    in reply to: ATI Catalyst Control Center cannot start #46960

    the ccc (to adjust overscan). if i use the driver by itself, i get a small centered distorted desktop. my monitors are 1080p, and i need that overscan adjustment. nvidia does it automatically.

    in reply to: Window Server 2008 VS Nvidia 9800 #50210

    good luck w/that, d. i have heard of guys clipping off some of the plastic at the end of the x8 slots to fit a x16 card in, but i wouldn’t try it myself.

    in reply to: ATI Catalyst Control Center cannot start #46958

    dang, no 5 series support still. well, i’ll pick up the next gen nvidia w/hdmi out (need to use the ccc for overscan on 1080p monitors). nvidia auto detects 1080 without issue. made the mistake of picking up a 5850. i guess nvidia is still on top in terms of their gpu SW.

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