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  • in reply to: Video editing and movie making software #48083

    I use Corel Video Studio X2. Is ok and useable… Everything I need is possible.

    Perhaps you can test both as trials and find your favourite..

    in reply to: Windows Mobility Center #47580

    Nice Tip, but sorry, the Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 was made for connecting a pda to vista/Server 2008… The Vista Mobility Center runs on Laptops and give all preferences for power etc. in one window. Look at the screenshot above… (in the first post)…

    Best wishes and a good preparation for christmas…


    in reply to: Reinstalled Windows, Can’t Activate #47472

    Hi, I had the problem, too… Start the activation but sty offline… Then choose other options Telephone and activate it this way it works fine ( I made it 2 times)…

    Best wishes… wolfi.thomas

    in reply to: aero cursors on logon screen #47395

    Yes, you are right… That’s the function of the reg File… For all user who want to have it easy…

    in reply to: Custom Logonscreen Background #46531

    How can I replace the authui.dll? The owner of this file is trusted installer which has full rights… All other user have limited rights and that can’t be changed…

    The way I went, was booting Ubuntu Live CD and replaced the dll.

    Can you help me?


    If you use the offered authui.dll you get a terrible looking mixture of grey, black and vista colorful background.

    I tried the authui.dll of vista RTM and it worked and it looks very nice and vista-normal.

    But does it slow down the pc?

    in reply to: Greetings from good old Germany … #47154


    I’m from Germany, too. Perhaps we can stick together when localized data is required to include a special feature.

    I hope you will enjoy your membership in this forum…

    in reply to: Windows Fax and Scan #46381

    Another log (as zip archieve) because the error is still the same…

    Best wishes…

    Wolfi (wolfi.thomas)


    in reply to: Windows Fax and Scan #46379

    Here the logs (one till the error message ocours at the moment trying to add a fax account to local modem, one till I canceled it and close the program)

    I have running a x86 version of server 2008 standard and running a normal user account (the error occours, when I try to run it with administrator rights, too)

    I hope I saved the log in right format…


    in reply to: Windows Fax and Scan #46376

    I test it at the moment but it gave me an error when I try to add a fax account to use my build in analog modem. Any solution?

    in reply to: Game Explorer #46282

    Thank you for your advice… I filled in the gameux.dll so I got the game explorer but I have the same problems you wrote… We will see…

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