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      Hi everyone,

      a few weeks before a german computer magazine wrote that you have the converter tool. And so I wanted to test all around Windows Server 2008 … 😀

      About me: 28 years old, male, doing my own business about helping private persons and companies with their computer problems (no hardware, only software). My computer is an Alienware notebook with Core2Duo 2,33 GHz (Merom), 2×320 GB HD, 2x nVidia 7950 GTX graphic cards and 2,5 GB usable RAM (the other 1,5 GB aren’t available because the CPU doesn’t support PAE … 😥 )

      So since now I want to help you as good as possible (in the next days I want to test software which isn’t on your lists …) 😉

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      finally someone from Germany xD I’m also a citizen of this beautiful country 😉

      Which magazine told you about this page here?

      This site is great, the admin does a good job and server 2008 is indeed a OS you have to try out

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      PC Praxis and Windows Intern … 😉

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      I’m from Germany, too. Perhaps we can stick together when localized data is required to include a special feature.

      I hope you will enjoy your membership in this forum…

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      Oh yes, of course. Windows Server 2008 is IMHO the best OS from the Windows family …

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