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    Nope. I want to figure out how to let the Guest account do it.

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    It doesn’t work in R2.

    No errors are logged either.


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    Hmm, have not tried Option 2 yet, but Option 1 does not work, as I just see an access denied message.

    Hence, Option 2 likely will not work either.

    I am sure it is a policy setting somewhere.

    in reply to: Sleep item in start meny submenu #51293

    It seems pretty cool, I’ll give it a try later, thanks.

    How did you find out about it, and have you noticed any side effects?

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    That seems a bit odd…is it something to make explorer act like the 7 version or something?

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    I was aware of that option, but it isnt exactly what I wanted, as I still use log off more than I would sleep.

    Oh well, a shortcut will have to do.

    in reply to: Running as Administrator #51192

    An AV won’t help in many situations as you would expect.

    It’s much better to rely on popular torrents and check the comments, and if you are still unsure use something like jotti or virustotal.

    in reply to: After reinstall, all but quake live works. #50827

    Nevermind, I installed different drivers and it all works a charm

    in reply to: Repair install possible? #50825

    No no, I mean a repair install.

    Windows 7 allows you to do a repair install, which reinstalls windows while keeping as much of the current install intact as possible. Given that r2 and 7 are siblings, I thought r2 may have a similar feature.

    in reply to: Just Cause 2 #50764

    @halladayrules wrote:

    Glad you got it working. However this still doesn’t explain why other users whom have Windows 7 with Games Explorer installed by default and plenty of RAM are seeing the same message. My suspicion is that they are not using a legit copy of the game (probably a leaked torrent) and hence are SURPRISED that the game doesn’t work.

    I doubt that. Generally pirated versions are superior to the purchased versions. No DRM shit, etc…

    in reply to: Endless reboot loop after updating – lame. #50564

    @Arris wrote:

    I don’t think those can be the problemen because these are both Security updates for Microsoft Office (Security Update for the 2007 Microsoft Office System / Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2007) whose shouldn’t result in an unbootable Windows.

    Well, I wouldnt have thought so either…

    However, once you eliminate all the probably, all that remains in the improbable…

    (bad paraphrasing of a Sherlock Homes quote)

    I suspect that these updates indirectly botched the MSI service somehow. The problem appeared after they were installed…I have nothing to lose by seeing what happens if I remove them.

    Can’t you just create it on an other [virtual] PC and use it to look in the Event Log and at your automatic-startup items/services/drivers?

    Nope. I’m using my Linux install at the moment, which has not enough space. I have free space on my windows partition, but it is NTFS so I can’t write to it, and I don’t trust ntfs-3g.

    I haven’t used dism before, but at least I’m sure you can use pkmgr from the Windows installation DVD to remove updates from your currently installed operating system.

    Upon further investigation it appears dism replaces pkgmgr in R2.

    What I need to use is the wusa tool, which allows me to remove any updated just by using it’s KB number, although wusa does not seem to ship with WinRE…

    Anyway, I think in your case the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) is the most useful option as you can use it to view the Event Log and startup settings of your installed Windows.


    Yup…it is just unavailable to me. I will keep trying to find a way to use wusa….

    in reply to: Endless reboot loop after updating – lame. #50562

    Hi Ariss,

    I had thought that KB980182 was the offending update, because when I used dism to get a list of packages, that was the only update set as pending.

    I removed it with dism, however it made absolutely no difference to my problem.

    There were only two other updates installed that day, both hotifxes for office.

    Those updates were KB978380 and KB978382, and of course I cannot find anyone having problems with them either.

    These do not show with the dism /get-packages command, and instead seem to be MSP patches. I have the location of the .msp files themselves, but am unsure if I have access to msiexec to remove them.

    Would you know how to remove them as they do not show with dism /image:d: /get-packages?

    My next thought was to try and use a DART CD…but of course I need to be able to access windows installed to make it….

    Also I am not sure as I have not tried yet, but I don’t think pkgmgr will work as it needs to be run from a live system? This is why I must use dism instead and access my windows install as an image – Is this correct?

    I am eager to know if I can uninstall those two patches which dot not appear as packages. If that does not work…time to reinstall I guess.

    Thanks for your assistance so far 🙂

    in reply to: Endless reboot loop after updating – lame. #50559

    It seems KB980182 is the offending update, which is a cumulative security update for IE.

    Oddly enough I can’t find any problems with this update and a reboot loop.

    I tried using dism to revert the pending updates which apparently worked, although this made no difference to my problem.

    Is there a way I can uninstall a particular update?

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    Hi Arris,

    thanks, I will try this as well as the dism command if R2 has it.

    Why not to just reinstall? Because I don’t want to have to download and install all my applications as well. It is….a pain.

    I also have a deep need to understand problems and not just take an easay solution….which is not really a solution at all. 😉

    in reply to: Endless reboot loop after updating – lame. #50557

    Still no luck here, any ideas anyone?

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