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    This may help ..


    Reboot your computer in Safe Mode

    * If your computer is running, shut down Windows, then turn the power off.
    * Wait 30 seconds, then turn the computer on, and begin tapping the F8 key (if this doesn’t work try the F5 key).
    * The Windows Advanced Options Menu appears.
    * Select Safe Mode using the up/down arrow keys.
    * Press Enter.
    * Log on with an account that has administrator priviledges, usually your own account (NOT the account named Administrator).

    If you cannot boot into safe mode using this method it is important that you report this to your helper.

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    Good question many of R2 users have the same problem..

    Shameless bump!

    Any body tried this yet ?


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    I run SLI with Quad systems and R2 give me more power/ FPS in all the tests i conducted versus W7 Ultimate, better memory, CPU management..

    I do a lot of Flight Sim and combat sim. Same with Server 2003 vs XP same with Server 2008 vs Vista..

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    Working good as well here !

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    Any news on how to make SuperFetch work under R2 ?

    Great work, Thanks!

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