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      i’ve got a Windows Hyper-V vServer running Windows Server 2008 R2 Webserver Edition and I was not able to activate the Windows 7 Theme, is there any limitation to this Version?
      I’ve followed both howto’s here:

      I’m able to see that the Windows 7 Themes are installed, but I’m not able to activate it (it’s not clickable) the other color schemes of the windows 95 look can be activated,

      Greetings & Thank you

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      Can you even run a desktop inside the Webserver edition? I don’t know that it’s possible. That’s one of the points in releasing limited versions of the OS. Some are only capable of a subset of features.

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        The Web Edition should work fine, you are able to follow all steps in the manual. Here are several comparisons between the different editions of Windows Server 2008 R2:

        I think wkearney99 is mixing up the possibility for the core- and full installation of Windows Server. In case you do the core installation, you won’t get a graphical desktop but instead only some commandline interface to configure the server whereas the full installation provides a normal desktop with start menu and such. To use Windows Server as a workstation you have to choose the full installation.

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