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      Hey guys,

      did anyone test already the Windows 7 Build 7000?

      See ya

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      Havn’t looked at it yet, i’m trying to hold off until it reaches beta stage at least… anything major thats new? Compared to previous prototypes/alphas?

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      The x64 version of 7 beta has finally leaked – so I’m going to get my hard drives organised so that I can dual boot server 08 and 7 beta 🙂 Can’t wait to give it a try, I want to see for myself if its as good as everyone is saying!

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      Yeah, well I read that Build 7000 the one that was leaked is Beta 1 =) apparently it’s faster than Vista AND XP…

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      I tried it – unfortunately i quickly uninstalled it because it appears that my mobo is even less compatible with 7 🙁

      Those damn dwm.exe errors were happening every minute – conclusion is that I have to upgrade my mobo before i buy windows 7 🙁

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      @Wakers wrote:

      I tried it – unfortunately i quickly uninstalled it because it appears that my mobo is even less compatible with 7 🙁

      Those damn dwm.exe errors were happening every minute – conclusion is that I have to upgrade my mobo before i buy windows 7 🙁

      What would your mobo/CPU/RAM be if I may ask? =)

      On this computer, my work/testing one is…

      Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H [Socket AM2+] [AMD 780G Chipset]
      CPU: Athlon X2 5000+
      RAM: DDR2-800 @ 4-4-4-15, 2T, 1040MHz [excellent RAM]
      GPU: Onboard/integrated ATi HD3200 [NOT a gaming machine]

      Server 2008 runs well, I hope Windows 7 does…? Is your PC faster/newer than mine?

      Oh – i’ve been reading lots of news articles on the web about how this 7000 build leaked on torrents is apprently “full of malware, trojans and viruses”. I’m sure it’s just Microsoft trying to stop people from pirating, but maybe it’s true…? Oh and ALSO by the way…

      Microsoft is apparently releasing Windows 7 Public Beta 1 TODAY.

      EDIT: See


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      Yea, the version i got was clean.

      My system is

      ASUS M2V-MX mobo
      AMD64 X2 6000+
      4Gb DDR2 RAM
      X1950 PRO 256MB
      160 SATA 7200 HDD

      I get a lot of dwm.exe crashes in server08 and any vista iteration that makes use of aero (its just an annoyance).

      I used the beta for a few minutes and got about 8 crashes (far more than Server08/Vista) AND it couldn’t see the other partition on my hard drive – making it kind of pointless as a testing exercise because I couldn’t get access to my documents/apps or anything 🙁

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      I have tested an older build and found it very good for this early stage. It was pretty fast. I have it installed in a VM right now, but had it running natively parallel to Server 2008 and Mac OS X!

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      @Wakers, it sounds like your hardware is damaged. Have you overclocked? At all? Even if you are at stock now?

      @Frau, very nice! I also have OSX tri boot [XP and 2K8] just so I can play with Apple goodies =P

      I already applied for the Beta 1 only a few hours after the page on Technet came up, but still havn’t got the email. It’s been delayed because of a massive online rush – damnit you losers! Still waiting for the email =( I don’t want to get it from torrents because my torrents are very slow, i’d rather the direct link =) plus i’m always concerned about downloading “leaked” software, who knows where it’s been before the public share….

      Also noticed that was OFFLINE for ~1 hour shortly after the beta release. Wow…

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      @ bboy – i don’t think its damaged – it certainly runs perfectly well on server08, the dwm.exe errors are down to the mobo being old, that much I know, as newer Asus mobos had the issue fixed in a bios update – its just not available for my model 🙁

      I will install Win 7 again when my new hard drive arrives (short on space at the mo) and see if it gradually irons itself out.

      I know when I have a fresh install of Server08 the errors happen very often and then after a week or so they happen much less frequently, to the point where they don’t bother me. Which is a strange pattern but i’m not going to complain too much! 😛

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      Oh ok, you should have mentioned that earlier hehe 😉 It just sounds like typical overclocking/heat damage too, and believe me I know all about that lol! Yeah I need a new harddrive too, 320GB isnt enough…

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      Yea, that’s what everyone told me when I got the errors the first time i installed server08. I did every test imaginable and constantly monitored my temperatures for weeks before i was sure that its not that.

      Anyway, the next step in upgrading my pc is a new mobo, because it supports the X2 6000+ and X1950 Pro at most and nothing more advanced. That’s good for now, it runs everything pretty quickly, including new games, which surprised me 🙂 But in the future it won’t be enough.

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      Ah cool… yeah I just recently got an AMD mainboard based on the 780G chipset for real cheap, only an X2 5000+ right now, but it will support the new AM3 CPU’s when they come out next yeah which is good =)

      Ah well… usually I wouldn’t carry this on, but hey, it’s open topic…. haha!

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