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      Hi all,
      I have successfully completed this guide (twice now) and it is great!
      The only thing Im having problems with is the window animations (aka. Performance settings > Adjust for best appearance). On the admin account, they work and are persistent. On the standard user account, I set them, they work for that session, but whenever I log off, they are reset.
      I feel like I saw an answer to this somewhere, but I cant find it again no matter how hard I search.
      Thanks in advance,

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      It is possible that some form of malware is modifying the contents of your registry and thus the reason why your settings do not “stick”. Also some graphic driver utilities come with “graphics management” tools which allow you to change and adjust the visual effects of your machine. There could be a 3rd party service installed on your machine that is taking precedence over the Windows utility.

      Click on start > administrative tools > Services

      Go to Action > Export List

      Save file to Desktop

      Call the file “myservices”

      Attach the file in a new post so i can see a list of your services running on your computer and see if theres anything out of the ordinary.

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      Also, try to manually run “SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe”…

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      Thanks for the reply, I figured out what the problem was.
      The method I was using for changing the settings was Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings (Which requires admin login) Then go to performance settings from there. It seems that because admin login was needed, the settings weren’t sticky.

      By using Start > Run> SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe, no admin login was required, and the settings are now sticky across logouts and restarts.
      It seems strange to me that admin-changed settings wouldnt stick, while user-changed settings would. But I guess thats the logic of Microsoft….
      Thanks very much for the support.

      Wow, to make the story even better, I just noticed that when I use the admin-login-required method above, the admin performance settings are changed, while the user’s performance settings are only changed temporarily. So, when you login as admin, you are changing admin’s settings, not the user’s.

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      That’s a bit strange because the “systemPropertiesPerformance.exe” application doesn’t require admin privileges or anything to run. I just created a standard user account (to test it out) and I went through the GUI (Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > etc…) and my settings “sticked” no problem. Could it be that I have User Account Control disabled and you have yours on? Maybe thats why?

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      @halladayrules wrote:

      Could it be that I have User Account Control disabled and you have yours on? Maybe thats why?

      That’s the reason. I had the same problem back in Server 2008 (before I knew about systemPropertiesPerformance.exe), and for a time I had UAC disabled because of this.

      I wish there’s a way to tell UAC just go ahead with the current user token…

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