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      Didn’t see it posted anywhere here, so forgive if it’s a repost.

      Microsoft is giving away Win 2008 Enterprise (1 year eval license), plus SQL 2008 CTP (with upgrade to released version), and Visual Studio 2008 Standard (and some are reporting Vista with SP1) for attending one of the launch events Go to and click the Events then Launch Events then Register (or just click here:

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      could u explain more about the reg cos im not sure how to do it

      i got my account duno what to do with it

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      Select the city you want to attend in, Click Register Now.
      Select General Attendee, and then the type of attendee (your ‘job function’ so to speak — are you a developer, IT support, etc.)
      You’ll have to give them you name, address, etc.
      Note: I usually do get a call a couple of days before the meeting.
      I don’t remember past that point, I don’t want to re-register…
      I don’t remember anything tricky about it.
      But at the end, I did get emailed confirmation – I think a day or 2 later.
      You can also go back on there, and check and print the confirmation.

      BRING the confirmation with you!
      Supposedly you need the “Event Giveaway” code included on the confirmation!
      You MUST attend the event to get the giveaway.

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