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      So i just installed r2 but im unable to make it look like win 7.. Any one has a guide on this?? Thanks also which one is better win 7 or server 08 r2?? thanks

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      Just follow the main guide of, step 10 about themes/aero should bring the most win7 looking experience I guess.

      Server 2008 r2 can be a lot better but it depends mostly on what you’re gonna use it for. Server 2008 r2 has a lot more features compared to win7 but if you dont use them win7 might be better as server OSes tend to have a little more trouble with compatibility.

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        A new website has been created to convert Windows Server 2008 R2 to a Windows 7 Workstation: Good luck! :geek:

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        It’s widely preferred and used because, unlike R2, it’s readily available to consumers through retail and pre-installed on new computers. Also, unlike R2, it doesn’t need a fairly involved customisation process to turn it into a workstation.

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