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      Hi All – great site!

      I have an Nvidia 7900GS, and I’m using the latest Vista driver.

      I had Aero enabled, and often my desktop would just “Black out” for a couple of seconds and then come back. After a while of being annoyed by this, I disabled composition, and I’m running the Vista Basic style (doesn’t really matter much to me, as I disable most of the “effects” in Aero anyway).

      The biggest problem is poor performance in games – they’ll run fine (normal) for a while, and then just Freeze, and then keep going, Freeze again, and keep going.

      Has anyone else experienced this?

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      I have a 7900GT running Vista64 driver 175.16 which works perfectly. I’d suspect the card itself. Check the fans running correctly, try UNDERclocking it to see if you get the same problem. It could also be a hardware conflict, have you added anything new recently? Try removing any other PCI or PCI-e cards you have.

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      the “blacking” out you described also happens on my system, its a result of using custom visual styles, I have found. Nothing to do with nvidia as im running an ATI X1650 Pro. It’s worth looking on the Nvidia forums however because they do have poor vista drivers, and there are some forceware drivers around that do the job much better.

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