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      My server 2008 install was recently infected with a vundo variant trojan of the spyware/malware variety because of the fact I use this installation strictly for gaming, however, I am not always around to police the proper usage of this installation:

      The easiest method known to me is VundoFix.exe. Initially vundofix found 19 infected files on a normally booted installation of S2k8, however, upon attempting to fix the infection vundofix shut down explorer.exe and the various rundll.exe’s associated with this repair (not sure if it got to the point of shutting down winlogon.exe — One would assume so) the computer just rebooted.

      I then attempted to run again in normal mode and never got as far as being able to repair the infections — reboot. Rebooted into safemode w/ Networking. VundoFix.exe completed its scan and would not clean (just hang). Tried this twice in safemode (plain the second time). Tried one more time in Normal Boot and I recieved the same effect: VundoFix.exe would detect the infections but not Fix/Repair them.

      If anyone has had any success with a Server 2008 VundoFix.exe cleaning please let me know (I hope no one here gets infected with this nonsense) — for now I’m stamping this one NOT WORKING.


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