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      hi there i’m planing to try performance tool of vista under the ws2k8 x64 , does anyone can help me with exe -file that is an integral part of vista.the file is with name winsat.exe and its located in system32 of vista .thank you

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        Here you go; both the x86 and x64 version of winsat.exe are inside.


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        thank you…i didnt expectin so fast answer :), its very helpful for me.
        thank you again.

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        after few days experiments….performance tool doesnt started under ws2k8…..a couple of functions work under command prompt…but no gui..gave me some errors and i raised white flag..:)

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          That’s right. The commandline version doesn’t work that good. The GUI version is already listed in the Wish List waiting for someone who gets it working! 😉 If you want to compare the performance to a Vista pc, you can also use a program like PCMark Vantage. See this topic for more information.

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          maybe u’re not try that but i already did…pc mark vantage gave me msg that looks like:program requires vista compatible machine and doesnt start;and interesting is that- for example 3d mark vantage start without any issues.

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