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        Hi !

        Are there any VirtualDesktops-programs that really works on WS2008-R2 ?

        I tried Sysinternals “Virtual Desktops” on R2 and it works.

        But i discovered a BIG security-problem !
        If you are using a normal USER-account, then the other 3 desktops are created with ADMIN-rights !?
        I noticed this when i started Windows Firewall with Advanced Settings.
        I have modified the link under Administrative Tools to “run as ADMIN”, and since i normally run on a USER-account it means that it always require the ADMIN-password.

        But to my big surprise it started without any password !?
        I then checked all 3 “extra” desktops, and they all use my ADMIN-account, without asking for any password !
        This canĀ“t be good….

        Any alternatives ?

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