usb mouse rate patch for win7s r2 ?

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      usb mouse rate patch for win7s r2 ? or win7

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      I wasn’t aware there even was one at all.

      The USB mouse rate patches are usually for dual-mode mice that can operative in both PS/2 and USB mode. Logitech Setpoint has USB Polling configurable in the SetPoint UI, and i’m pretty sure Microsoft Intellipoint does too for their gamer series mice.

      If you don’t have any of these, I suggest you actually buy a high-DPI mouse, because most of the time these “hacks” do absolutely nothing except change registry keys that have been redundant since Windows XP. 😉

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      i have mx518 r2

      the driver dont included usb rate patching 🙁 too bad

      if im right G5 have that option

      im using nlited patched xp to boost the usb rate now cant upgrade to win7 or win7s without it

      im too hardcore gamer [ quake 3 🙂 ]

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      Ah haha ok, sorry if I sounded mean =)

      Quake III FTW!

      Well, I don’t get it. You should have DPI settings in your Logitech SetPoint settings, I have a G5 but I thought your mouse is actually better than this one!?!? There should be a “Gamer Settings” in SetPoint…

      …If there isn’t one, could you link me to the USB rate patch for XP? Maybe I’ll take a quick look (just to see if it’s even possible in Windows 6 and 7). =)

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      🙂 its ok i know what u meant

      i have the dpi setting but its wont fix the lags while gaming 🙄
      i need the mouse aim fast cos then the lag comfuz me

      u play q3 ? too ? i play mostly eplus mod [ freeze tag]

      and from time to time qlive rail only mod

      i used the patch of nlite [ ] to patch xp

      to vista there 2 patches for it

      one is copy over the patched usbport.sys and login with disable driver security
      [ i tested that and its working but usb flash drive will crash the system]
      Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.2
      [which wont work ]

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      I Used to play Q3 a lot back in the day, but havn’t for a few years. I don’t game much these days 😛

      Well I don’t think there’s really anything we can do about this i’m afraid. Perhaps you could contact the creator of the Vista patch to take a look at Windows 7, if you can find them. It’s wierd though, might be specific to OpenGL games (what Quake 3 is) because I play Battlefield 2142 and Fallout 3, both using Direct3D, and I never get any lag… only other thing I can suggest is to have VSync OFF (you prolly already do that), and turn OFF triple buffering and if using nVidia drivers, set the maximum pre-rendered frames from default of 3 (usually) down to 0 (zero) doing all that sometimes helps mouse lag issues that many people have.

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      @aviv00 wrote:

      He still has to get the patched DLL/Driver though, I suppose using a Vista one MIGHT work. Worst case scenario is an unbootable system with BSOD, as always.

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      someone already tested it in the replays i gonna give it a shoot

      i have no choice anyway 🙂

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