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      I use the german version of Windows Server 2008 and found a very useful package on the web which is easy to follow and made my usb WinTV analog card running.

      I tried it on an english version of Server 2008 with german mui. And on a german version of Server 2008. Don’t know if it works on any other situation but I wanted to share this package.

      First of all you need to have your TV card connected to the system and the drivers installed. Now download the package and follow the instructions provided with it.

      Should you be asked to locate drivers for new hardware during the
      following steps, click on “Remind later” and abort installation.
      This guide is for german language version. If you use another one
      you may have to change the language folder “de-DE” accordingly.

      ### 64BIT !! CAUTION This Guide is for 64BIT !! ####
      1.) Copy the folders system32 and syswow64 to c:windows
      (choose to integrate already existing folders and replace files
      if asked)
      2.) register.cmd -> right mouse click -> execute as administrator
      3.) C:Windowsinfbda.inf -> right mouse click -> install.
      (bdasup.sys is located at c:windowssystem32drivers; in case
      you do not find it there, copy file from the folder this guide
      is located to c:windowssystem32drivers)
      4.) Important, reboot system (No joke.Reboot system!!!)
      5.) bdabdadirectx.inf -> right click -> install.
      (If asked for driver location for new hardware direct to bda)

      ### 32BIT ###
      1.) Copy files from folder syswow64 to c:windowssystem32.
      2.) Now follow steps 2-6.) as mentioned above
      (ignore any error in 2.) if there is one)

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      Was definitley no copy and paste. I tried this link before and couldn’t manage to run my tv card. Fortunatley I found another one which worked right from first try without any problems. And as I mentioned it was for german server 2008. So no clue if it works on english one. 🙂

      You can choose the option you have linked or this one. Just as you like. For me it was not a question of which one is better but which one finally worked more faster and easier.

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      Ah my mistake – the rapidshare file is the same from MSFN, but you have provided step by step instructions whereas they did not. Sorry! Please replace my unconstructive comment with kudos 🙂

      With your permission, may I use this knowledge you have shared for a tool i’m working on [to automate the process]? Credits will be given of course 🙂

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