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      HI folks,

      I just finished re-installing WS2008 after 300 days of use (3 re-arms included) but now things seem to be a little bit different compared to the previous install. I have an external hard drive (Iomega Desktop drive 750Gb) which is connected through USB. The disk has 4 NTFS partitions. When I copy files from my SATA HD (WD 1TB) to the external disk the transfer rate is about 30Mbytes/sec, which I find weird because shouldn’t USB 2.0 transfer rates supposed to be 480Mbps (i.e. ~60Mbytes/sec)? Anyway, it is still find. However, when I tried to copy a file from one partion to another in the same external HD the transfer rate is way to slow (~10Mbytes/sec). Is this supposed to be the case? is partion-to-partion file transfer supposed to be that slow? I checked my USB drivers and everything is ok, everything is up to date.

      Any ideas? Am i missing sth here?


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      Yes it can be slower because you read and write on the same channel.

      Did you have enabled: “enhanched performance” or “disc cache” ( dunno the english translation for it, in german it would be called as “Für Leistung optimieren”

      you will find it under Device Manager > Drives > [ your storrage drive ] > Guidlines and then set ist to optimize for performance

      hope it helps

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