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      Hi, ok this is my case, i’m using this program Synergy so I can control two computers at the time, by simply moving my mouse over it, before I used Windows XP as server, and my laptop as client, now, I formated my pc, and installed windows server 2008, however, I can’t get my synergy client on Vista to connect to W2K8 , firewall is down and all, synergy server is running without a problems, so, any ideas?

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      Maybe try Input Director instead. Synergy seems to have stagnated (no updates in over 2 years), whereas Input Director is still in active development.

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      Synergy currently has issues running in the background in Win2008. What I’ve done is to manually start synergy as a foreground process. Create a batch file and add the following:

      @echo off
      “c:Program FilesSynergysynergyc.exe” –no-daemon

      and add that to the startup directory. you can manually close the log and cmd windows and it’ll behave largely the same.

      Hopefully, there will be a new version which addresses this issue.

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