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      Well I’ll be quick here, straight to the point. I’ve started doing more research on the two Windows 6 flavours we know as Vista and 2008 Server to really crack down on the Workstation project, and have also started more work on my “secret project” for customization/enhancement of Windows 6 [and eventually 7] with great things I discovered myself listed nowhere online and really help [no more info yet, but i’ll be announcing and asking for testers here on these forums soon if it’s OK with Arris of course] but anyway what was my point…

      …oh right while I work I always have a browser window open here on these forums, scouting for activity and looking for ideas/inspiration for mods, and of course to socialise a li’l with fellow 2K8 workstation users =) and I was wondering if you’ve ever considered adding a shoutbox to the boards here…..? If you have and decided not to, for whatever reason that’s OK no need to explain =)

      Also, again directed to you Arris, what’s happening with the WordPress theme? This thread in particular viewtopic.php?f=3&t=131 I have replied there already 🙂 peace

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