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      I have a Mac, iPad and a WP8 Phone (Nokia Lumia 920). I want to synchronize my bookmarks from my Mac/iPad to my WP8 phone. I also have a Windows Server 2012 Standard VPS available. I wonder; would it be possible to have the Windows Server 2012 VPS’s bookmarks synced with my WP8 Phone like in Windows 8? Can it sync the IE bookmarks from the VPS to the WP8 phone and vice versa (2-way sync)? If that’s the case, would it be possible to have iCloud Control Panel installed on the VPS and sync the IE bookmarks with the iCloud bookmarks and that way have them ALL synced also with the WP8 phone?

      I know it’s only theory but would it be possible?

      RasmusJ, Denmark

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      i doubt it 🙄

      the backup process for lumia is this :

      synchronise your media files with zune, other data with skydrive & contacts / calendar data with windows live account in your phone ❗

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      There is a Windows Phone connector app in the Mac store that will do music, pictures, contacts that I know. Also … won’t iTunes sync with your phone as well?

      As far as bookmarks are concerned there is no way that I’m aware of (on either Mac OR Windows) that allows you to directly sync your desktop bookmarks (mac osx/windows 8) to your Windows Phone without the use of intermediary software.

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      @halladayrules wrote:

      won’t iTunes sync with your phone as well?

      it will 💡

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