[solved]flash is slow, amd catalyst doesnt install fully

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      hey i wanted to go back to server cos its very minimal os

      i got HD 6850
      with windows 7 / 8.1 watching flash 4k res its running smoothly
      but with server 2012 r2 its not i guess the catalyst didnt install fully cos when i open it

      same of the tabs / feathers are missing like oc….

      server really limit this any way to bypass it ?

      i also tried disable hw acc
      Acceleration.Level > from 4 to 0 helped a bit
      i change power plan to performance and its fixed

      i think windows server is different its trying to save more electricity then client version
      thats why its occur

      set to performance and set the cpu clock to minimum

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        how did you resolved the issue? I am facing the same issue the catalyst center is not fully installed many of the tabs are not showing. Kindly help 😕

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