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      I have not been able to find a fix for slow file copy/move [~750kbs from source to dest] actions from within the system.

      I searched and found the TCP fix, but am pretty sure that is of little use to this issue.

      Is there a fix that can be easily applied, because I am on dialup atm and can’t download the service pack.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      [server 2008 enterprise / no roles / no features / nf4 / OS on RAID-0]

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      Apparently there a ‘performance’ driver that I had no previous knowledge about included in the 15.01 nforce package.
      I discovered this while investigating the uncompressed files and noticed a name description between the two .sys files in the ‘sataraid’ folder.

      nvstor64.sys [120kb] – NVIDIA nForce Sata Performance Driver

      I integrated the drivers with vlite and the OS didn’t choose the performance driver by default when installing. [was this my fault?]

      I then reinstalled ws2008 [using a virgin disk] and then chose the correct driver at the disk prompt. It does not detail the listed entries so I chose [randomly] the bottom most entry and continued. Then tested with a 6gb file and speed was drastically increased.

      Now sitting at a [normal?] 61.2 to 83mb/s internal transfer rate. Source was partition1, destination partition2 on a RAID-0 disk.

      Peculiar why ws2008 does not select the Performance driver by default while regular vista does… [PITA]

      Also, does anyone know as to -why- ws2008 does not include a default set of RAID drivers?

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