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      i installed the sidebar for my Windows 2008 x64 as described here in the Program Files directory (version info shows it is from SP1).
      Now i have a few questions

      1) is there a version for SP2

      2) i checked a Vista x64 (sp2) and found some differences
      a) sidebar folder exists in program files and program files x86
      b) sidebar.exe has build 6002 (sp2) but the dlls have build 6000 ( a regular vista x64 sp2)

      for what is the sidebar in the 32-bit folder needed?



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      You have to know that the sidebar files aren’t from Vista (because they aren’t able to run under 2008), they are from the last beta version of 2008 which contains the sidebar … And so you are forced to use the “old” files … and no other solution on the way …

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      but e.g. here it is written that they use the sidebar from vista x64sp1 is it also working with sp2?

      regards zackmuc

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