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      It works except there is one minor but very annoying problem.

      Before I had sound stuttering problem but it was fixed by changing
      the SystemResponsiveness to 20 (from 100) on the Registry.

      After that I realize that there is another sound stutter problem, but
      this time it happen every few seconds, and very short (less than
      100 ms I think). I found that RMClock caused this, because when
      I open the window it gives me more sound stuttering, even when
      I click a button/text-box/etc on its main window. This affect not
      just sound but movie and game also affected, in short the entire

      I use RMCLock to undervolt my CPU so it would generate less heat /
      noise and consume less power. It was fine on XP, I don’t know in
      Vista tough.

      Anyone have tips?

      BTW, yes, processor scheduling is optimized for programs in System

      Sorry for my English…

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      what happens when you deactivate RMClock?

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      @impostor wrote:

      what happens when you deactivate RMClock?

      Its gone. Sorry, I forgot to write this earlier.

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      Found something! I opened Task Manager and enable
      “Show processes from all users” and when try to change
      the priority it showed as realtime!

      Now, let see what caused this? How can I change the
      priority when it started?

      EDIT: Found this http://forum.rightmark.org/topic.cgi?id=6:1149
      (7th post, from the developer himself) 😀

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