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      I know this is a feature for “dumb” users, but Restore Previous Versions has saved me dozens of times from having to open up a full disk backup image to restore a previous file version. Is Restore Previous Versions, in its wonderful Vista-like folder view of snapshots, unavailable in Server 2008? I heard people discussing Server Backup, but is that something that uses Volume Shadow Backup with a built-in GUI like what RPV in Vista is?

      I’d really hate to miss this very useful feature if I go to Server 2008. Any help would be much appreciated!

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      Just click properties of some file or folder and you will see “previous versions” tab.Here is quote from the help:

      You can use Previous Versions in Windows Server 2008 to enable your users to access previous versions of files and folders on your network.

      How do I restore a previous version of a file or folder?
      Once you enable Shadow Copies of Shared Folders and start creating shadow copies, you can use the Previous Version feature to recover previous versions of files and folders, or files and folders that have been renamed or were deleted.

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      To enable this, all I need to do is verify the Shadow Copy Service is running or must I do something extra?

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      I don’t use it so i cant tell you for sure, but i think you can go to the properties window of the drive you want to enable shadow copies on, then go to the “shadow copies” tab, select drive and click the “enable” button.

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        To enable Shadow Copies just follow these steps; you don’t have to install any server role or -feature:

        1. Open My Computer and rightclick a harddrive.
        2. In the contextmenu choose Configure Shadow Copies.
        3. In the Shadow Copies window:
        3a. Optionally: Choose how much space to use and configure what time/how frequent to create a Shadow Copy by clicking the Settings button.
        3b. Click the Enable button and choose Yes if asked to disable Shadow Copies.
        4. Now you can revert any file on that harddrive by right clicking on a file and clicking Restore previous versions!

        Hope that answers your question!

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