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      Why rules?
      We have been overwhelmed by posters that have repeated information. Most have included it within a list that is also very helpful. So, from now on we need to keep this simple. Do not post information that is already in another post. This will make it easier for people when they just need small bits of information and do not want to have to search through large amounts of posts.

      * In case you have a program that works fine or is working using some tricks, add a reply to the List of Applications Post (x86) / (x64). We update the list regularly.
      * In case the program doesn’t install or run in Windows Server 2008 and you want to get it working, create a new Thread.
      As name of the post use the following markup: Architecture, Application Name, Comment. For example: x64, MyDVDBuilder v3.1, Won’t install.

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