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      Sorry, I’m a total rookie when it comes to Win 2k8R2…so please forgive any obvious rookie mistakes in terminology, etc….

      I started a new position about 3-4 weeks ago where I am using Win2K8R2 as a desktop. It’s not really being used as a server to anyone, it’s just my desktop machine.

      I have to (by company policy) use IE for a browser. So I’m on IE9.

      I can not get the Pandora website to work no matter what I try. I’m not a computer noob, I’m pretty sharp, but I’m not an IT guy, so I typically only know stuff I’ve used as standard client OS tips and tricks before.

      Can anyone help me to get Pandora running?

      I tried all the tricks from Pandora’s IE problems page ( ). Nothing helped.

      I contacted Pandora help and emailed with one of their customer service people a few times. He wasn’t able to help, but mentioned that maybe it was something not enabled in the Windows Server OS.

      He did leave me with this technical info (I wasn’t sure how to make use of it):
      We serve data from 1 network block(s):

      NetRange: –
      OriginAS: AS40428

      If you unblock ports 80 and 443 for this range of IP addresses, Pandora *should* work fine. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

      Do you Windows server gurus have some good suggestions? 😀

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