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      I have a installation of Windows 2008 R2. On this I have Office 2010 plus 32 bit installation. I have several problems. When I sent a email to some one with Outlook and attach a Word document I can’t open this doc again from sent items. I get error that file is corrupt. When I get email in Hotmail with Powerpoint attachment and I download this file and try to open I get error that file can not be opened. It also says that it could be virus scanner. Buth I have no virus scanner.

      See images.

      Anybody got any idea?

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      The following error you see occurs when a user does not have read access to a dependent system file required to run the application. Provided you are an administrator you can apply the default read-only permission to all the DLL and OCX files again.

      Go to start, type in cmd.exe. Right-click on cmd and choose “Run as Administrator”

      type in the following commands:

      CACLS %systemroot%System32*.dll /E /G BUILTINUsers:R
      CACLS %systemroot%System32*.ocx /E /G BUILTINUsers:R

      Although unlikely, its possible your antivirus picked up an important file as a false positive and when your Office 2010 application tries to call upon that it doesn’t exist because its quarantined. You mention in your post you don’t have a virus scanner. Did you mean you don’t have any form of antivirus software installed? If this is the case then nothing would be quarantined on your system then. If you have other methods of spyware/virus removal like Malwarebytes, check the quarantines of those as well.

      Another thing you can try (if you don’t see no problems with it) attach the .doc and .ppt files in another post and i’ll try to open the files on my computer. If the file refuses to download for several other people, then we can assume the file is really corrupt.

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      I found the problem. It is the proteced view settings in the office applications. When disabling these options office works correct.

      You have to disable this in every office application. See screen shots

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