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      I am a retired IBM Senior System Engineer. I retired May 1, 1987, at age 50, (you do the math), and haven’t earned an honest dime since.
      I have 5 systems installed, 1 being Windows Home Server. I upgraded the Vista delivered PCs with XP Pro almost immediately.
      I was one of the early XP users, paying $30.00 for a beta and 2 release candidates.
      I also had the same for Vista at no cost except wasted time.
      All my machines are configured as classic. (IE look like Win 98).
      I have had a PC, of some flavor, since IBM delivered to IBM employees in 1981 or 1982. I told you I’m older than most of your fathers. My main PC today is a DELL XPS 410, ordered with XP.
      I thought it might be interesting to try Server 2008 as a pure workstation. I looked at the pricing and changed my mind. I will remain as a sideline member of this forum to see what is developing.
      Dick Miller
      Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, USA.
      dmillergv at

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        Hey, welcome at the forums. Sounds you have worked for years in the computer business and have a lot of experience! About the pricing: you can use it for 240 days so if you have some pc left, I’d try Windows 2008 Workstation if I were you! 😉

        See you around at the forum/blog! :geek:

        Greetings, Arris

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