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      I installed nero with compatibility mode set for windows server 2k3.

      Everything seems to work, except that none of the applications can see my DVD drives.

      I can create an image file, but that’s it.

      I’ve tried running it as administrator.

      The program complains I should install Nero BurnRights, and I wonder if that has something to do with it, but when I go to Nero’s website all I find is BurnRights for Nero 5 and 6.

      I was thinking of installing it anyway, but then I got the compatibility issues dialog, and decided against it. I probably would have tried anyway, but since it says outright that it is only for nero 5 and 6 I’m assuming it definitely wont work.

      On a side not, I don’t think Hardware h.264 acceleration works in Server 2k8. I posted a question asking as much in the Driver Compatibility topic, but no one answered. All I’m looking for here is verification. Should it work?

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      reinstall your nero with burning rights, it’s part of package. Or just run nero9 install shield and install only Burning Rights.

      But for me it looks like system don’t recognize your drives, try to install newest drivers for your motherboard.

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      I took your advice and got a Vista32 driver for my South Bridge. I also reinstalled and upgraded nero.

      I’m not sure which fixed it, but its working fine now, as long as I run it as admin.

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