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      As several people have probably found internet explorer is built into our wonderful operating systems. There’s no way to repair it that has worked. I’ve got some kind of spam crap in my IE and every once and a while I will be taken to random search portals when clicking on valid links. For example searching a movie name like I was right now on google I clicked on the IMDB page(right link I checked) I was taken to a search portal. I tried other links and I got sent to other search portals. None of them worked!

      So can someone send me their IE folder? I know I had issues with a bad download a long time ago and I don’t think it went away.

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        hey, I don’t think it’s the IE folder you need, but you need to clean up the list of Add-ons. You can do this within Internet Explorer by going to Tools -> Manage Add-ons -> Enable or Disable Add-ons, but I think it’s better to use Sysinternals Autoruns. In the Internet Explorer tab, uncheck/delete all BHO’s you don’t want/need.

        It is also possible to completely reset Internet Explorer. To do this, start Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu and choose Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab and click the Reset button. IE will now be reset and after you restart the application it will be clean again!

        Hope this solves the IE spyware problem!

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