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      This is a rather important question to me. The importance has nothing to do with the OS at all but rather to clear up some misinformation that I was presented with concerning the OS.

      In Vista there is an Microsoft Experience Index that rates your system. As far as I know there is NO similar test in Server08 that I as a user can manually run.

      Is that correct?

      Using the search function I found this response to another question which seems to agree with my view. @Arris wrote:

      Windows Server 2008 doesn’t have the ‘Windows Experience Index’, but your system is checked though.

      viewtopic.php?p=708#p708 Link to the original post.

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      If the system is checked, then the core functions are in palce anyway.If we manage to get list of the files that are needed for the app to run we can copy the files from vista and see if they work..

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        There is a commandline tool available, see my reply in the manual for more information: Wish List – Comment 436.

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        Thank you for responding. My query has been dealt with in a most satisfactory manner.

        Mod staff may close the thread.

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        sry that I push up this old thread but i cant find anything.
        Is it possible to install the whole Vista Perfoemance Index in Server 2008?
        I mean the Games folder with the Rates of the Games

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        Yeah, dont be worried for bumping the thread Necsis079, I have an interest in getting the user interface for the whole Windows Experience Index and the games folder and all that in Server 2008 definately! After I fix Media Center and/or Origami, I might check this out 😀

        Speaking of which, Arris do you think maybe a wishlist sorted by *priority* could be in order? Just an informal thing for me to check out? I’m sure all sorts of people have asked you how to do this and that, and that there are probably many many things you know of that 2008 doesnt have, which isnt listed in the site [BitLocker Drive Encryption for example isnt on here I dont think, but I dont care about it anyway lol just an example]

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          Hey JonusC, I think if you look at the number of views of each topic in the Wish List Progress subforum, you ‘ll get a good idea of what the people are most interested in! 😉

          I now also added the Windows Experience Index wish to the Wish List and expanded the Windows Vista Games wish to Windows Vista Games and Games Explorer. If you have any more items to add, contact me somehow! 🙂

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          Will do. Cheers.

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