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      Microsoft camera codec pack does not get installed on Windows 2012 R2 😥
      Can’t view many camera-specific file formats.
      The latest version for Windows 8.1 is there:
      Is there any way to install Windows 8.1 package on Windows 2012 R2?

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        You could try right-clicking and try installing it under Windows 8.1 Compatibility Mode, but sometimes that won’t work as it’s a .msu file.

        The real thing is, if it’s just RAW image, you could possibly try another codec pack. Although it’s based more for video and audio decoding and encoding, you could look into ffdshow-tryouts, or an image toolkit like GIMP and see how well they work.

        Look around at GPL and other open source licensed codec packs and see what they do for camera support, chances are you’ll find a few.

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          Compatibility Mode is not available for .msu files (((

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