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      I’ve just converted my Win 8.1 machine over to server 2012 R2.

      Everything seems to have gone smoothly, everything is back up and running.

      I’m only getting one problem which is really annoying: when opening up a game, I get “lag”. It isn’t constantly low FPS, it just drops for a micro second and then goes back up.

      For example in CS:GO, I was running at around 200FPS and then all of a sudden it’ll drop to 15FPS but then shoot back up to 200. Even if I am not moving and staring at a wall, it just drops and comes back up. Same thing happens in COH2.

      The only thing that is consistent is Furmark. When running furmark, I get a constant 40FPS (goes down to 39 and up to 41). Lower than expected numbers (should be 80+ with my computer spec) but nonetheless it’s consistent.

      I changed power settings from balanced to high performance and it helped a bit (overall FPS higher in CS:GO and COH but not in Furmark) but the micro stutter / lag is still there.

      All the latest drivers installed, config is as follows:

      Asrock X99-WS
      Intel E5-1620 V3
      48GB DDR4
      Nvidia GTX 970
      2x Samsung 840 EVO SSD RAID 1

      Any ideas? Anyone had a similar issue?


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        Well I think I’ve worked it out, posting here in case someone runs into the same issue.

        For whatever reason, my SSDs reads were spiking like crazy (between 100MB/s to 1000MB/s). This is actually a known problem with the 840 EVO drives but I was already running the latest firmware which addresses the issue, plus the data isn’t old on the disks (it apparently only affected old data).

        Anyway, I simply imaged the computer, re-created the array and restored it all and it’s now running as well as it did on Win 8! 🙂

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