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      Has anyone gotten x64 WMP to play DVD movies? I have tried the K-Lite and Vista Codec Package x64, but it keeps saying it cannot play the DVD maybe try reducing the screen resolution (which doesn’t help).

      This error message is indicative of no codecs I believe.

      WMP x32 with K-Lite works great.


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      I have the same problem (on a x64 platform). I couldn’t solve it so far so I’m still surfing for help. In the meantime I installed VLC and it “works”, which means that it is not a problem of codecs (I’m using K-lite pack).
      Btw, I said “works” because it doesn’t work too well. Sometimes it doesn’t play some DVDs (and sometimes it does). Or, it freezes. But you, this what you get for free. That is why I always say: if you want something that works you need to compromi$e 🙂 (in Linux e.g. I couldn’t even make the sound work)

      hope we can solve it

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      If i remember correctly the codecs were not included with WMP, but if you install some codec package like K-Lite Codec Pack for example wmp plays the movies quite well.

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      yes, I did.
      I installed one of the codecs mentioned in the WMP’s website. The one from cyberlink in my case. I took it from a DVD player’s installation CDs that came with one of my laptops. The problem is that WMP doesn’t play DVDs because it doesn’t work with free codecs. You need a non-free one.

      hope it helps

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