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      Lately I’ve been seeing a slight rise in the number of spamming on this board, despite this php bulletin board site using captcha to verify login. It seems that these bots are getting smarter now a days. I’ve researched this matter a little bit and a few suggestions on how you could prevent spam exposure to this great site?

      I ran across a few forum members who are using the sortable CAPTCHA plugin to prevent spam on their phpBB board. I notice that this site uses reCAPTCHA for registration process and even that has proven to be vulnerable as evidenced by the spam in recent days.

      My solution to this problem would be to enforce a moderation queue which would require any new posts or new topics on the forum to be approved therefore effectively removing the spam. We would require active moderators on the forum to approve all of the messages which could get annoying, but it would certainly solve the problem.

      Arris, given that this site is about the only comprehensive site for converting R2 into a viable workstation (which is a great idea!) I would be a shame to see this site go to waste. The constant spamming is certainly a deterrant to establishing a quality site. I have noticed a trend that many noteworthy forums require a moderation queue or require you to contribute x-amount of times before you can gain access to “premium” forums, BetaArchive for example. You have created a great site my friend and I don’t want to see it go to waste. I do understand however why you have it set up the way it is now (ease-of-use). But I still honestly believe that if someone really needs help resolving an issue on their R2 workstation, then going through the process of registration and approval of posts should not be a problem at all.

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