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        Hi !

        McAfee Antivirus Update Causes Problems for Home and Enterprise Customers

        “A buggy update released Friday by security vendor McAfee for its consumer and enterprise antivirus products, left the computers of its customers unprotected and, in some cases, unable to access the Internet.

        The incident affected both home and business users, some of whom were still trying to sort out the problems caused by the updates on Monday and Tuesday, according to messages posted on McAfee’s community forums and Facebook page.

        The problems were introduced by McAfee updates DAT 6807, released on Friday, and the subsequent DAT 6808, depending on which product was used.

        After installing these updates some home users started encountering errors when accessing the McAfee Security Center console, which prevented them from performing any action inside the program. Other users experienced a loss of Internet connection on their computers.

        McAfee confirmed these problems on Sunday in a technical document that described two possible solutions, both requiring users to update to a newly released DAT 6809 file.”

        full story:

        This is the second time a McAfee-update causes problem, if i remember correctly the same thing happened a few years ago ?

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