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      i have a very good mouse logitech MX Revolution that i like very much so that I have bought another equal.

      I have bought the second because, since some weeks, the first makes sometimes the double click with the left button instead of the single click.

      The problem now is that I have to change the usb receiver too (it seems they are not compatible each other) but doing this all the Logitech SetPoint setting will reset.

      I was arguing if there is a way to export the SetPoint settings and import again with the new mouse; it would be a useful backup for the future in case of Pc or mouse changing or variuos problems.

      I could write them on a paper and insert again but it’s long and unconfortable because there are a lot of button with a lot of function.

      Is anyone of you able to import-export the setting?

      Thank you

      Arris: No spam please

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