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      Having trouble with my ite cir driver 8708 for my xps 1645 and server 2008 r2. Get a message stating device driver not intended for this platform. I think modifying the inf might do the trick but am not sure what to change. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      seems i am having better luck tonight. Got this one working too. downloaded dells ite cir driver for win 7 for my xps 1645. extracted files. ran installregistry.reg, rebooted. update drivers for unknown device with maching hardware id, search for updated drivers manually in folder where filers were extracted. Havent tested it with a remote yet but at least i could get the driver to install. They trick for this was the registry file. Without it i’d get the “driver isnt intended for this platform” under device properties.

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      You wouldnt have any ideas about an NSC IR driver? I have one in my laptop and cant find a driver for it.

      Hell, im never going to USE it, but having that last “unknown device” in device manager bugs me.

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