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      I’ve run into a ton of problems trying to install 2008 R2 Workstation on my HP 8560p laptop and am hoping I can get some help from the experts on this fabulous build. 🙂 I am using the r2_sp1_oem_project_june_2011_by_ExpertUser.iso image. The image was burned to a disc at 4x and installed on my Precision T5400 workstation without any problem.

      When I tried to put it on the 8560p…not so much. I used the same disc that successfully installed on the T5400. It stalled out at 98% of Expanding Windows Files during the install. It came back with error 0x80070017 “Windows cannot copy files required for your installation.” The installer quits here. Trying to run it again I got the same error, this time at 0%. On the third attempt it claims it doesn’t have drivers for the HDD, which is odd considering it had no problems finding and writing to it.

      Cleaned the Windows disc just in case (it looked perfectly fine), it crapped out at 0%. Burned new versions of the ISO at 4x (slowest speed supported on my burner) in ImgBurn and Nero, same thing.

      Reading around the net some people blamed incompatible hardware. I see little chance of that, considering we have 8560ps at work running 08 R2 all day long. One suggestion I found was to install Server 2003 R2 SP2, mount the image on a virtual drive and do the upgrade from there, because some optical drives just won’t read the disc for some reason. After a trip to MSDN for some Server 2003 R2 SP2 discs the install blue screens before I even get to the point of formatting the hard drive, saying I should check the drive for viruses. Maybe it didn’t like the 08 R2 Workstations files still on the drive I thought to myself. It said the same thing after a DBAN so that kills that idea.

      It came with a Win7 disc which oddly detects no HDDs in the laptop.

      I know the HDD is good, I just bought this laptop from another IT guy who ran OSX on it. I’ve been in IT for 6 years and have never had Windows give me this much attitude when trying to do an install. I’m starting to run out of things to troubleshoot. Any suggestions?

      Thank you in advance for any help.

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        After much frustration I finally found a way to make it work. Go into the BIOS, set the DVD drive to IDE and enable all of the VT options. Why it would be turned off and why it made a difference here is anyone’s guess. From there install 2003 R2 SP2 and be sure to install everything from the second disc when asked. From there install MagicISO, mount the 08 R2 Workstation image and run the upgrade. There were a few errors causing some things not to be installed, so far I noticed it didn’t change the taskbar or install files needed to customize the bootscreen, but that is an easy enough manual fix.

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          That is odd indeed.

          The release I made was not intended to be used as upgrade but as fresh installation.

          On a fresh install you will get all what’s promised in post.

          N 🙂

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