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      Hi there!

      First of all: Nice work on the guide, really like it!

      Everything seems to work, but no driver is working for “Unknown Device – Intel(R) ICH10R LPC Interface Controller – 3A16”

      Tried the original driver i use with Win 7 x64, but that doesn’t work. Any ideas or workarounds?
      i also extracted it and tried to choose it from the “browse my computer”-option, no luck so far.

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      Hello Sushi,

      Try running the Intel Driver Update Utility to automatically search for missing or outdated Intel-based drivers on your machine.

      From the short research i’ve gathered regarding the information you provided it might have something to do with infrared receiever on your motherboard. Reply#7

      “The problem you are having with the unknown device in the Device Manager is related to the Infrared Port on your motherboard. This feature is to be used in Windows Vista(TM), which provides embedded drivers, and it is not supported on Windows* XP.

      To disable the option, please enter the BIOS (In later Intel(R) desktop boards you can enter the BIOS setup program by repeatedly pressing the key during the boot process), go to Advanced > Peripheral configuration and disable “Consumer IR”.”

      Try seeing if this option is disabled in BIOS. If so re-enable it and try to install the Windows 7 64-bit driver again. From the looks of it, it doesn’t appear to be a required driver that would affect the normal everyday operations of your computers. In other words, if you can’t find a suitable driver, don’t worry about it.

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      The Utility found nothing.
      I’m sure it’s not IR, because my board (Asus P5Q Deluxe) doesn’t have any.
      Using Server 2008 R2 x64

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      Try this, not sure if i’ve got the exact driver for your model but its for a P5Q board. Worth a try.

      Download the driver utility here:

      Save the file in “Downloads”.

      Extract the file inside the Download folder (do not change directory).

      Next, click on Start and type in Device Manager

      In device manager, locate the “Unknown Device” right-click on it and choose Update Driver Software.

      Click on the Browse my computer for driver software option

      In the input box, put in c:usersUSERNAMEDownloadsACPIACPI64

      Replace USERNAME with your actual username

      Click next to see if it installs driver. Hope this works.

      Check to make sure you have unextracted the contents of the zip file to Downloads… if you accidently saved it in say My Documents then the path to your driver folder would be c:usersUSERNAMEDocumentsACPIACPI64 … just a heads up.

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      Thank you, works perfectly!

      I have found another Problem, but i will open an extra thread. 🙂

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