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      I am trying to install one application over my window 2008 r2 @ 64 bit. but i am getting crash error during installation.

      please guide me what configuration i add to my vps to install the software.

      error screenshot given below

      thanks in advance.

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      thanks for your editing….

      how can i installed this software to my vps. is there any way? configuration means… is there any software or converter for this.

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      what is vps ?

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      @hackerman1 wrote:

      what is vps ?

      Virtual Private Server.

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      We don´t host your vps….
      So you should ask your provider those questions.

      And, please read the forum-rules….

      “7: If you start a new thread then use a topic that clearly describes what the post is about.
      Do not use topics like “Help” / “Need help”…
      Write in full sentences and be descriptive !
      Avoid “text”-talk like u, r, ur etc.

      Not everyone has english as their native language, so try to avoid “local dialects” (slang).
      “The queens english” is preferred… 😉 “


      It´s easier to answer if we understand you…

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