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      i have noticed that if you disable the software licensing service you completely cripple the DRM of the software activation built into server causing you to have an indefinate amount of days activated as though it were a full version but havent tried it for a full 30 days run i merely done the host system date jump trick before running in vmware ahead by 2 months and it booted into desktop non the wiser but im not sure if it does work completely as it was only a virtual machine i tested it on but it didnt pop up at logon saying it had entered reduced functionality mode

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      Even though what you have said is a good tip, I do not think we should get into how to disable the software licensing service. Arris may get a but load of emails with an attorney’s name on them.

      But, keep up the good work since you seem to really know what you are doing with WS08. Hell, I have been wanting to change my sig to state “Want-ta-be Expert”. I just do not have as much time as I really want to mess with WS08.

      Thank you,

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      no probs, and the activation its a case of the function to disable it is built into the software and there providing the media as a free download so theres nothing they can really do since it isnt as though i have hacked or altered the software merely disabled something that is open to doing so

      but no biggie can pull it if needs be if he wouldnt like to take the chance

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      Na, no need to pull it. I am sure that it will not even be looked at.

      But, I will warn all that if you do this then you are on your own when it comes to MS coming after you. We are just a forum and not a MS Certified outlet.

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      Maybe Things like this could go into a trusted private users thread that only registered and approved users can view kinda like for people who alway help around etc

      could be used for private discussion among higher members for ironing out purposes before certain information is made public to normal members and guests

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      I managed to get 2k8 to the point of it flashing this version is not genuine activate now etc etc

      but i think i noticed that if you disable the liscencing service it freezes the countdown but im not sure if it does there may be more to it anyway

      have a check on one of your copys but i wouldnt rely on this as it might not work

      disable the liscensing service when you only have one day left to try this method but i would have everything important backed up first because disabling the liscensing service doesnt permit the use of reduce function mode it will come up saying the activation service cannont run error “random gibberish here” then will boot you off back to logon

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