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      Hey folks im trying to get thumbnail versions of my images to appear and i just cant, also the slideshow themes that are available in windows are either disabled or not included in server 2003 as in buisness! oh i hope not

      Does anyone one know???

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        To enable thumbnails in Windows Explorer:

        1. Go to Control Panel in the Start menu;
        2a. If you use the Modern View click the Appearance and Personalization section and open Folder Options;
        2b. If you use the Classic View double click Folder Options;
        3. Browse to the View tab and uncheck Allways show icons, never thumbnails.
        4. Save your settings by clicking OK!

        I don’t know how to get the Slide Show function in Windows Server, maybe someone else knows?

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        Great cheers thats thats the thumbnails working

        Im new to all this 😆

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        Anyone know if the slideshow themes of vista can be added into Server 2008, Does this have something to do with the windows experience index, higher ratings allow more features in vista.

        i can’t find out how you rate my computer; Prehaps that is a vista only feature ??

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          Windows Server 2008 doesn’t have the ‘Windows Experience Index’, but your system is checked though. If you system is fast enough and you have the Desktop Experience feature installed, it will automatically enable Aero.
          I think the Experience Index doesn’t have anything to do with the Slideshow function. Just checked the Slideshow function in a Vista x64 system in Hyper-V and it seems that the Slideshow feature is integrated in explorer.exe. I think it will just be a matter of modifying/adding the right registry keys to get it working…
          If you really want to see your experience index, maybe it is possible to copy the tool winsat.exe from a Vista x86/x64 machine to check your systems score.

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          Thanks a lot. After finishing the installation late at night, my eyes were fried. I was right there and didn’t see the box. These instructions worked like a charm. Happy New Year Everyone & Peace on Earth.

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