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      Sorry, but I had a few troubles with windows 2008 server.
      It was slow. Much slower than other Server OS. Even with a clean Install.
      Some Programs didn’t work. Terratec Home Cinema for example. I installed the BDA drivers but the scan button didnt work…
      I installed the Visual Basic runtimes 2008 but nothing.

      Now I changed back to Server 2003 x86.
      Everything is fine. I even have 4 Gig RAM with the adress extension, but I don’t know if I will use this feature…

      See ya

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      Hi/Bye Impostor

      I would like to say, perhaps, regarding performance you might have had the wrong expectations of win 2008 workstation, You must remember every new operating system release from Microsoft always gets slower and slower, Well, the hardware keeps getting better, but Microsoft claim a great deal of that extra power by adding new features into their new operating system. That is why the quickest Microsoft Visual Operating System is still Windows 95 (technically 3.1 is not an operating system because its only a front end to DOS), and Windows Vista being the slowest. The only way to cope with these somewhat demanding Microsoft Operating Systems is to keep your hardware uptodate, or run older operating systems that came out at the time of the hardware.

      Don’t believe some hype comment posts about Win2008 Workstation being the fastest operating system to date, these posts are written by people that don’t know what they’re talking about, but remember that it is faster than Vista. There is scientific evidence that proves its around 11-17% quicker allround than Vista SP1.

      I think you have made the right choice, if 2003 works for you thats great, I use 2003 inside virtual machines, I have vista on another laptop for MCE, on my work PC I was running XP SP3, what ever blows your hair back….

      I agree with Chris Pirello (Locker Gnome) – who claims “all operating systems” suck. Linux, Windows, Apples OSx range – they all have some cons about them, my personal favorite atm is Windows 2008 Server, because its far more tolerable than Vista, and it is without a doubt the most stable MS OS to date. Just remember though, its still Windows, still has a registry, the ongoing security issues still persist, still has driver compatibility nags. But compared to whats out there… this is the OS I’m sticking with for now.

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        I agree with MichaelL: If you install a newer version of an Operating System, you cannot expect it to be faster than your current one. This is just because of all new possibilities, security measures and visual effects it includes. I’ve also run Windows Server 2003 for a long time and it’s a great OS too! On my laptop and some other (slower) PC’s in my home I still run Windows XP SP3.

        Goodbye and I hope to see you back one day! 😉


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        Gamers should stick with XP 😉

        For an engineer/programmer like myself however, the newest family of Windows 6 from Microsoft is nothing short of AMAZING. 😀

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