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        hi !

        Anyone else having problems with enabling Hyper-V ?

        Hyper-V installs normally, computer reboots, but then the configuration stops at about 90 %.
        I get an errormsg: “Configuration can not continue, restoring…”,
        it then reboots again, then comes a new “error”, it want´s to run chkdsk on one of my 2 ramdisks.

        I have my tempfiles on that ramdisk, so i first thought it might have something to do with not getting acces to tempfiles created during the installation of Hyper-V.

        So i changed my settings (for my ADMIN-account) and put the tempfiles on my harddisk instead, but the same error still happens.

        It checks my ramdisk, find some errors related to the installation, then starts normally.
        After i have logged in again, the servermanager restarts / continues with the installation, and it starts all over again.
        So it´s “stuck” in a loop.

        Any ideas anyone ?

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