How do i fix the BootLoader "XP & Server 2008"?

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      I am running both XP home and 2008 standard, i got problems with XP so had to repair xp but after that the BootLoader is gone. So i would like some help de recreate the BootLoader?

      I have XP on the C Drive and 2008 on the D drive, my dvd/cd compo drive is on the G drive.

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      Yesterday I uninstalled XP + installed Windows7 and I have the same problem!
      C: Windows7
      D: Server 2008 (which I use for normal work)

      My PC boot directly Windows7 and in the Bootloader (when I press F5) is only screened “Windows 7” as OS.

      Can somebody help me too?

      (Sry for my bad english :D)

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      EasyBCD will do the job automatic. I fund the program on the below forum.

      How to Install XP after Vista and Fix the Bootloader, Here are quick instructions

      EasyBCD 1.7.2

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