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      Just wanted to sign in and say hi. I am running Win2K8 on an Intel Quad Core with 4 GB of ram…working great. I am also running Win2K8 on an Apple Mac Pro with dual quad core @ 3.2 Ghz with 16 GB of ram…Runs outstanding. As a side note the default install on the Mac Pro detects all the drivers during the install but it does install the wrong sound driver (no sound at all). I did find another driver to fix things up.

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      Hello! And oooh, fancy Mac my man 🙂 Welcome and good to have you here!

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      The Mac Pro is the best computer I have ever had (fit , finish and quiet operation etc) but I don’t use it very often on the Mac size as I need Windows apps for work.

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      its xeon proc ?

      my friend said its run faster then xp on xeon

      and btw

      welcome a board 🙂

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      Yes dual xeons……

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      That’s crazy man – eight cores! Xeons! 16GB of RAM! And people wonder why Mac has been dominant for so long in the Creative/Production computers field haha! Sony Vegas would run like a DREAM on that beast….!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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